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In summer courses

2012-06-07 14:08:47 by rupus

I have been uploading hand drawn works because I couldn't get a chance to get back on my tablet q.q
I'm in class from 9 am to 6:15 (with 1 h lunch break and 10 mins break)
KKKKKIIINNDAA tiring.. but I'm thinking of getting back on my tablet again soon.. Also I'm thinking i'll get to a storyline too..


2012-04-19 15:02:32 by rupus

finals are coming up for SAIC....
gonna dieee :D
plus haven't been working much digitally so nothing much to post up on :P

... lots of exams...
bored.. like crazy bored.
sick like puking sick.......
I was reviewing stuf........
like tetris and sleeping...
.....and lastly drawing.......
instead of bio and eng XD

started something alright

2011-01-02 13:34:21 by rupus

finally out of art block and I started to draw some thing today but then....
so orz
I might not finish anything afterall! :/
well worth giving a try I guess

Designing dresses

2010-12-24 23:38:13 by rupus

I don't want to make it too unique.. knowing I'm not the type who wants to stand out
I like to just blend in really
but I thought it would be nice to have a dress that I designed myself :)
Hopefully I get something that's good lol

Designing dresses

Recently drew some stuff

2010-12-24 14:15:16 by rupus

cuz I was bored as always and now I can't sleep till 3 am
<a> ngs/manga-original/733360.html<a>

Recently drew some stuff

Almost christmas!

2010-12-22 01:58:20 by rupus

I should draw something for it ... but I have a huge art block! URG!

......I'm missing my boyfriend....... awfully..

Dragon Cave

2010-12-21 20:45:19 by rupus

My friend started and now I'm starting......

Ohh help me out here

<img src=" f" style="border-width: 0" alt="Adopt one today!"/>
<img src=" f" style="border-width: 0" alt="Adopt one today!"/>
<img src=" f" style="border-width: 0" alt="Adopt one today!"/>

plz click on the eggs there!

:) found out via friend

2010-12-21 09:56:29 by rupus

that there's art forum in NewGrounds! I'm back on this site >D YAY!
I've recently been accept to SAIC... and some other schools but I'm waiting for RISD to make a decision.
Next year I will be a college student! Nice to meet ya all!

:) found out via friend